Atlantis Waterpark things to do 14/06/2017

What's in store in Atlantis The Palm's Aquaventure Water Park  The waterpark enterprise starts with two noteworthy towers: Tower of Poseidon and Tower of Neptune. Visitors ought to be no less than 1.2 meters tall to be conceded into the towers and their rides.  In Greek mythology, Poseidon is the ruler of the ocean. At Aquaventure, the Tower of Poseidon incorporates the accompanying rides fit for rulers and rulers:  Aquaconda. This is none other than the world's greatest waterslide. Looking like a massive ocean serpent, the Aquaconda dives its riders into a dull, winding passage. It at that point drops them all of a sudden into world's greatest fiber glass tube.  Poseidon's Revenge. This one is not for the swoon of heart. Riders are made a request to enter a container and hold up. All of a sudden, the floor drops out from underneath and they fall down at around 60 kilometers 60 minutes!  Slitherine. This is the primary ever double "waterslide inside a waterslide" on the planet. Riders can race each other to see who finishes its various wanders aimlessly first. They should be watchful, however, as one wrong turn could lead them to the midsection of the Aquaconda!  Zoomerango. This is not your standard waterslide. It contains vertical drops and sudden falls, both of which makes a feeling of weightlessness. For the individuals who need to beat gravity itself, the Zoomerango is the ideal ride.

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